Welcome to Weddell Island

Weddell Island is the wild, picturesque home of the Patagonian Grey Fox in the Falklands.  This huge unspoiled Island has lots to offer the adventurous or those who just want to escape the modern world for a few precious days.

  • Explore the settlement
  • Watch the foxes hunt and play
  • Visit the penguins and sea lions
  • See the wonderful birdlife of the Falkland Island
  • Walk up 1,256ft / 383m Mount Weddell and enjoy 360 degree panoramic views
  • Fly fish or spin in the coastal creeks and estuaries
  • See a working sheep farm
  • Walk in the wilderness
  • Relax just being away from the digital world – there is no mobile phone reception

Our Sustainability Policy for Weddell Island

“We are delighted to return Weddell to local Falkland Island's ownership; it is a very special place.”

Stephen & Lewis Clifton