The long term Sustaining, improving and restoring the Island’s native flora is at the heart of Weddell’s long-term future.

Restoring Flora/fauna. Only the 20 square miles of The Loop (approx. 20% of the island) are run as a sheep farm and then with greatly reduced sheep numbers. This reduction in grazing  (the vast majority of the Island (over 80 square miles) has not been grazed for 8 years) has resulted in the native flora coming back in abundance. 

Weddell Island is designated by Falklands Conservation as an IPA, Important Plant Area.  More of the Falkland’s endemic species of plants are found on Weddell Island than on any other island.

Power. The island uses a wind turbine to generate much of its power, which is supplemented by a diesel generator to top-up batteries and ensure 24 hour power.

Water. The Settlement’s water is taken direct from a mountain spring.

Food. Visitors can eat lamb, beef, eggs and vegetables grown organically on the island.